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Feminism Research Paper

The Feminist Movement Research Paper

❶They also turned their attention to questions of how science had been abused by men to suppress women, for instance by providing scientific support for biological sex roles.

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Research Paper on Feminism

Through the development of the PC, third wave feminists are more able to keep tabs on important political and social issues debasing their gender worldwide. This particular wave is defined as the feminist activity and study from the s to present times. Today, the feminist movement continues to grow. Women and men around the world join together for equal rights and fair treatment. Although much has changed, feminists, regardless of which wave they claim to belong to, still fight for the equality of women everywhere.

The movement has come a long way since the 18th Century, and it has only to grow. As it is probably clear from our history many of our demands have still not been met. Even now, as we enter into the twenty-first century, and the thought that Hilary Clinton might become the first woman president. Political parties are beginning to recognize the importance of female voters, more and more and the labor movements are pushing for a minimum wage.

It took 70 years for women to get voting rights, some even gave their lives for it and in many countries it is still being fought for. These movements have granted women like you as well as I to be who we are today. The feminist movement brought about many equal rights for women as well as a common bond for the entire female race. They have allowed us to act opening and think broadly.

They have given opportunities that were once not there. They have allowed me to voice my opinion and speak how I feel. They have allowed me to issue a ballot in whose going to be the next city official, or, mayor, or even president of the United States.

It has allowed me to get a job and work. Take your opportunities to vote. These movements has granted access so that I or any other women who wanted too, to run for president, to be the next mayor , either way I now have bodily integrity and liberation. I can now hold a position in a public office. I can own my own property. I can go to school and receive an education. And last but not least I now have marital, parental and religious rights.

So with that being said the Feminist Movement has granted women today more rights, privileges and we also were given equal rights to that of a man. In conclusion, Feminism deals with challenging rather than accommodating to what individuals are told by society is the right or wrong way.

It is standing up for yourselves and individuals taking pride in what they do. The women and men seen and understood their relation to the world rather to just go along with what they thought was wrong. Feminism is a movement away from historically conventional norms to a more exposed and equal way of living. Seizing these tools, using the image of cyborgs, means working against the science that conceives itself of making objective tools to work on the world to create disembodied knowledge and instrumental technology.

Structures and idioms of oppression and dominance have produced the elements of cyborg imagery, but they can be put to alternative use. Levi-Strauss treated science and bricolage as being two different but parallel modes of acquiring knowledge, that is, epistemologies. His tools and concepts are transparent means to an end, removed from the concrete world, and they are not bound up in previous practice or attached with meaning.

Of course, contrary to what western science would like to think of itself, the bricoleur can be spotted as well. He builds on old meanings and of structures of power — he is creating knowledge out of fragments of meaning already found in the world. They are finite and heterogenous and bears no relation to the current project. Levi-Strauss pinned the difference down to being compliant with literate societies versus pre-literate ones.

To seize the tools that marked women as other to gain back a power to survival is the basis for cyborg writing, not original innocence. Western science has been based on the ideology of the rational ingenieur who creates anew, while overlooking the continuities, the guesswork, the axioms of mathematical rules and discriminatory gender differences, — overlooking the bricoleur in it who thrives on connotation, ideology and culture.

Feminism critique of science and technology has helped revealing and debunking these structures, because they are dubious in their foundation and have excluded women from production of knowledge and technology. Assessing western science as cultural bricolage has been deconstructing its knowledge, in feminist and other critiques.

However, stating that bricolage takes place, is not necessary to call for an abandonment of science altogether on the reason that it fails to live up to its objectivist claims. A bricolage does not result in pure relativism or subjectivity from lack of being objective, — it is objective in its being intersubjective. If science has produced disembodied knowledge, or at least certainly told the story of objectivity and neutrality to itself, a new and feminist science is still possible according to Haraway.

This is, as I have tried to show, grounded in old tools as well as contemporary experiences of fluid identities and contingencies. The cyborg is ironic and produces no monistic truth. Because it is a hybrid, it embodies difference, and the notion of partial perspectives provides a new basis of scientific objectivity, and this objectivity is enhanced, not weakened, by multiple standpoints and partial views.

They are put to the task of undermining existing epistemological structures and scientific hierarchical separations. They will include their own transgressions and contestations around labelling, escaping, meaning, identity and lack of identity, and become stories others can hear and share, and accept as some of many possible and equally valid feminisms and femininities. Donna Haraway argues against origin myths, dreams of original wholeness and future oneness. Cyborg politics is about revelling in boundary stories and transgressions, thus reversing and displacing the hierarchical dualisms of naturalised identities.

Haraway stresses the cyborg subject position as partial, ironic and faithful to blasphemy. Cyborgs are always on the move, always embodying difference differently, and the only thing it takes for granted is irony.

She takes inspiration from the anthropologist Mary Douglas, who explores the connections between bodily boundaries and social boundaries. Body imagery provides idioms for a world view, and is thus a political language and a narration of society itself. She is Durkheimian in that the rituals and boundary-myths are all, really, about society and its perpetuation and wholeness.

The cyborg embraces the possibilities inherent in the breakdown of clean distinctions between organism and machine, and finds pleasure in these potent and taboo fusions. The imagery of implants and oneness with the machine is motivated by a political need to reconcile women with science.

About longing for enchantment and unity Why introduce the image of the cyborg? Separating good and bad cyborgs is essential to Haraways political project; cyborgs that mock and check power are good, and the military-medical ones are bad. But these boundaries are, ironically, themselves blurred.

The cyborg as it is found in medicine and military technology and in popular culture e. One is the fetishistic use of body- or vision-enhancing technology, reinforcing a hierarchical relationship between self and other Kember The breakdown of boundaries is at issue here as well, but results in a pleasurable reinforcement of them instead of transgressing them to redefine difference. But […] patriarchy continues to uphold gender difference. There is a danger in the production of myths and ideals, navigating in popular and scientific culture to put existing signifiers in new relations.

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Always prepare a plan of action to start with so that you do not get confused or lose track. It is recommended that you decide the topic that you want to choose and then get started with the research. Feminism is such a vast theme and you will have to be very careful while picking up a topic for the study and research.

You can always make a list of topic that you think you think you can pick up and then one by one start looking for relevant material for the same. Always go ahead with the topic where you find the maximum scope for implementing your ideas.

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Feminism research paper is a theoretical essay that requires a lot of thinking and knowledge. Feminism is not just another discipline that deals with women; it has an entire history behind its evolution and coming into the foray.

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Apr 23,  · The Feminist Movement Research Paper. April 23, kendrakcharles. Charles, Kendra. Wise History April 6, Dr. Underwood. Research Paper: The Feminist Movement. The Feminist Movement. During the 19th century, Feminism had a massive effect on the females’ role in society and in everyday life. Research within librarian-selected research topics on Feminism from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic .

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Feminism research papers overview women's rights and the feminist movement. The word “feminism” has the power to unite women in common causes, strike fear in men and some women who don’t understand it’s meaning, and rally those together who blame the feminist movement for all of the world’s woes. Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview The History of Feminism The first wave is the most familiar and took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.