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❶Would you like to merge this question into it? We do not do homework - grammaire generally, how much homework did you have per night?

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You will never get anywhere in life if you do not follow direction from your parents. They are only looking out for you. Someday, you will want money of your own, a house, a car and a lot more. You need to exceed in school to get a good job to have the things you want. Life is not easy and things are not cheap. Listen to your Mom, she loves you. What does the president have to say about stopping homework? No he has nothing to say. I would imagine he thinks homework is needed for students.

How do you say when i get home i do my homework in spanish using the verb tener? Your phase literally is translated as "Cuando llego a casa hago mi tarea", you could use "tener" as "Cuando llego a casa tengo que hacer mi tarea" When I get home I have to do my homework or "Tengo que llegar a casa y hacer mi tarea" I have to get home and do my homework.

What does it mean when your homework says do research on the subtopic? When school homwwork says to do research on the subtopic, it meansto look the subtopic up in reputable sources and find informationabout it. It would be a good idea to take notes of important pointsand to record where that information came from. The subtopic couldbe anything and should have been given to you or chosen by you andapproved by your teacher before the assignment was given.

If youhave questions about the assignment, you should ask your teacherwhen the assignment is given. What percentage of kids say they have too much homework? There are no studies on this subject, but many kids do say theyhave too much work. Can you say homeworks? It is not grammatically correct, no. The word is homework.

How do I say I have to do my homework in French? Je dois faire mes devoirs. We generally use the plural mes devoirs instead of the singular, unless we want to speak of a particular assignment, Ex: Can you say you have many homework? No, you can say "I have a lot of homework. What do studies say about working with a homework partner? Homework partners work if both partners are actually working andnot slacking off.

You have to help each other, too, and not do thework for your partner. The idea is to help each other learn betterso you do better in class. What to say when emailing your teacher your homework? This was the home work on How do you say we get a lot of homework in French? Can someone help you with your year 8 French homework?

Talk to your teacher and explain that you are havingtrouble. Ask your teacher to recommend someone who can help you. You might also be able to find a French tudor online. How do you say I'm going to do my homework tomorrow in french? How do you say did homework and slept in spanish? It is worth noting that this is a translation of "I did my homeworkand slept".

In Spanish, you cannot just use a verb with conjugatingit to designate an actor. Can you help me with my French homework? WikiAnswers is a site where we answer questions. But they failed to do their homework first. How much homework does he do? In Holland there is no exam pressure for under tens or homework in primary schools. Some schools have homework diaries so you can see what is being given.

Staff offer Spanish lessons and will help with holiday homework. Well then they have to let you finish your maths homework. Who could be bothered to do their maths homework after that? We take them shopping, show them how to move and give them some homework.

A series of studies have shown too much homework does not help pupils. He insisted on school uniforms, homework, detentions and desks in rows. I always said I had too much homework. It would be good to hear other parents' views on the setting of homework for holiday periods.

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do your homework v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." figurative (become informed) bien se renseigner loc v locution verbale: groupe de mots fonctionnant comme un verbe.

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to do one's homework on sth bien se renseigner sur qch → Do your homework on the agency you're applying to, know about current campaigns and advertisements: read the .

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to do one’s homework bien se renseigner avant He’s obviously done his homework! À l’évidence, il s’était bien renseigné avant! Serious bargain hunters will do their homework before choosing a holiday. to do all your homework is 'faire tous ses devoirs' in French. did you do all your homework? "as-tu fait tous tes devoirs, as-tu fini tes devoirs? I did all my home .

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