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❶Embedded Communication in Advertising "There is no evidence that advertising can get people to do things contrary to their self-interest. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Marketing essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

Ethical and Societal Issues of. The concentration on action and violence draws larger audiences, yet is not effective in selling products Pechmann, Levine, Loughlin, Leslie, The lack of inhibitory controls when combined with the an abundance of violent content leads quickly to replication of viewed acts of violence, especially in pre-adolescents, as verified through research completed Trimpop, udiger, Kerr, Kirkcaldy, Ethically this raises the question of whether the advertisers are more adept at the selling of violent acts than products, as the brains of the audience members they are selling products…… [Read More].

Stylistic Analysis of the Representation. This view is evident in this earlier advertisement for United Airlines; which uses the female stereotypes of nature to convey its message of care and stability. Note as well the title of the magazine - Everywoman - which suggests a stereotypical ideal that women should strive for. The following comparison clearly shows this aspect. Sexism and the Media. Edward Bernays is widely considered the father of advertising.

As the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays understood the power of sex on human psychology, and he incorporated sex into advertising in subtle ways to help make marketing more impactful and influential on consumers. Feminism challenged the notion of the objectification of women for a time, but in the post-feminist culture of today, sex has bombarded media and women appear more objectified than ever—and willingly so.

Women in the media appear to celebrate their sexuality in a way that would have been frowned upon in the Feminist era as a…… [Read More]. The role of sex in advertising is even more blatant in a food advertisement of an ejaculating Tabsco sauce bottle over a split bake potato -- hot and spice as a metaphor for intercourse.

Media's objectification of women and the fact that sex does sell has lead to the "sexification" of young girls and teens. Kilboure makes her point with magazine covers and television spots, including JonBenet in full makeup for a toddler beauty pageant, a teenage Brittney Spears displayed…… [Read More].

Online Escort Services and Their. Based on the proliferation of the Internet and the near-ubiquity of personal computers in many affluent homes, these rates can reasonably be expected to have increased even further in subsequent years. In fact, it would appear that the more people of both sexes are using the Internet for these purposes, the more ways they are finding to do so. In this regard, Green and her associates point out that, "The fact that one can access sexually related materials and interact with others anonymously on the Internet has opened the doors even wider.

Using anonymous screen names, individuals can explore and express their sexual interests with little fear that friends, coworkers, or even spouses will discover their activities" , p. Furthermore, the individuals who participate in these encounters can do so with other anonymous individuals without the risks typically associated with face-to-face relationships; if an anonymous online relationship…… [Read More].

Business Plan for Green Tongues Summer Business Plan for Green Tongues Summer Company Information Environmental and Industry Analysis Products or Services Marketing esearch and Evaluation Manufacturing and Operations Plan Management Team Timeline Critical isks and Assumptions Benefits to the Community Exit Strategy Financial Plan Green Tongues is an advertising company that provides environmentally friendly advertising solutions to all those companies that value their environment and want to give back to the society in which they exist.

Green Tongues envisions itself to be the premier advertising company in the near future in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council GCC region as consumers and businesses in this region are slowly beginning to realize the importance of environmental conservation. The six member states that comprise the GCC i. The Inextricable Correlation between Human Trafficking and Prostitution Introduction Despite ongoing efforts by the international community, human trafficking remains a global problem today.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children are routinely exploited by human traffickers each year, and the practice generates billions of dollars in criminal proceeds at home and abroad.

In fact, after drugs and gun-running, sex trafficking is the largest source of money for criminal organizations in the United States. Given the enormity of the problem and the vast sums of money that are involved, it is not surprising that the international community has not been successful in eliminating this practice.

To determine the facts, this paper provides an analysis of the relevant literature concerning the correlation between prostitution and human trafficking to demonstrate that the two have an inextricable but difficult to quantify effect on each other. A summary of the research and important findings…… [Read More]. Looking at Differences Between Painting and Photography. Wall, Tapies, and Goldin: Photography and Painting From the Theoretical Perspective of Susan Sontag The relationship between photography and painting, according to Susan Sontag, is that neither is really "capturing" the world that each attempts to depict.

Rather they are capturing or depicting a perspective and the reality remains elusive. They are, in other words, projections of the artist's viewpoint; they are filtered through a particular zeitgeist -- and it is the zeitgeist that needs to be interpreted at root, not the painting or the picture. Painting and photography are merely means of identifying the spirit or ideology of a particular culture in a particular time and place. Women Are Objectified by the.

However, women are also objectified without any sort of sales involved, as well. The notion of perfection which is virtually unattainable and which most conceptions of female beauty in the United States revolves upon, and which is consistently seen in media outlets such as television and film, also serves to objectify women. In this respect, women receive messages from some of the most powerful media around that they should be tall, thin, have inordinately large breasts and other body parts -- the sum of which effectively "dehumanizes" them.

This form of objectification is most dramatically demonstrated by America the Beautiful, in which Roberts talks to a group of plastic surgeons about the popularity of this cosmetic procedure which is used to reinforce a false beauty that is virtually impossible to have under completely natural circumstances. Plastic surgery, or the self-mutilation of one's body, is just one of the many myriad…… [Read More].

Speech Video Game Violence a. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this theory -- several prominent school shootings have been ostensibly linked to video game playing -- but real scientific evidence is also emerging that suggests a more subtle but similar effect.

In one study, college-age participants who had spent time playing olfenstein 3D, a first person shooter computer game, "punished" their opponents by subjecting them to loud noises of high intensity more frequently and for longer periods of time than participants that had played a non-violent computer game. In the words of Dr. Craig Anderson, one of the psychologists and researchers who conducted the study, "violent video games provide a forum for learning and practicing aggressive solutions to conflict situations.

Advertising Applying Goffman to Modern Advertisements Goffman and Gender Commercials Goffman contends that the selection of commercial pictures in advertisements is intentional and serves a specific agenda that is not in service to consumers' well-being or natural interests. He argues this facet of culture is ripe for analysis with respect to topics such as sexuality, gender, power, the means of production, and social reality, among others. His strongest assertions concerns how analysis of the selection of commercial pictures reveals keen insights when comparing them to behavioral practices as experience in everyday interactions.

Goffman grounds his hypotheses in concrete methodological practices, with primary aims to locate and define discovery, proof, and presentation. Grounding is his research in established methodology keeps opposition from arguing that his findings and conclusions are wild-eyed, paranoid theories that undermine American culture or the American way of life.

He claims that the kind of analysis he proposes…… [Read More]. Ad Critique for All Businesses. These differences are designed to reach out to younger, middle age and older demographics. The way that this is taking place is to use images that are culturally neutral. Yet, they inspire a sense of joy and happiness. This is supposed to reach out to all audiences by highlighting trendiness and elegance.

In the future, they will use this as a way to identify and create specific feelings automatically. Commenting about how this occurs he said, "In…… [Read More]. Animated Characters in Advertisements the. On the one side are those who argue against advertisements aimed at children due to a belief that children are uniquely susceptible, and on the other side are those who sell advertisements and advertising, such as ad agencies and business school textbook authors, out of a belief that advertising is able to effect product preference in any meaningful way.

In short, both of these groups are incorrect, because advertising, and animated characters in particular, actually have fairly little influence on product preference and purchasing decisions. They can generate recognition and positive emotional connections between the audience and the product, but these connections do not necessarily translate into actual purchases. However, in order to demonstrate why this is the case, one must examine some relevant scientific research on the subject and attempt to inject some reasonable skepticism into the hyperbolic claims of parents' groups and advertising cheerleaders.

Aside from market research…… [Read More]. Controversial Ads and Their Roots. Advertising Controversy and Assessment Overview Stage 1 Controversial Advertising Dolce Gabbana The advertisement in this controversial case aimed to actually cause some sort of stir by having models pose in proactive poses. These marketing techniques are directed at young women aged 35 and fashion conscious men who are seeking to say in step with the current fashions of the day. The advertisement in this case was very effective for several reasons.

The first reason for its effectiveness is because the picture is very risque and promotes a challenge to sexual and violent taboos. This cutting edge style certainly appeals to a demographic that looks to set itself apart by pushing the social envelope using sex and violence as a tool to stir emotions. The scale of the controversy also depicts the success of the ad campaign and created a definite buzz amongst the fashion industry.

This ad could be…… [Read More]. Sociology of Popular Culture. Popular culture defines what is desired by any given sociological group based on pressure by peers. Every moment of the day, we are saturated by culture. On the Internet, each inquiry provides banner headlines where we are also bombarded with advertisements and attitudes.

Similarly, there are billboards and ads on cars and radio commercials while we drive to and from work. It is characteristic of a capitalistic society that so much of our culture has to do with the consumption of goods and services Yar, Lecture 2, slide 2.

Everywhere someone or something…… [Read More]. Coca-Cola Ad Campaigns in Morocco. Methodology During Chapter III of the study, the researcher relates the methodology, which includes a survey, utilized to investigate the impact of locally adapted TV advertisements on sales revenues of Coca-Cola Company in Morocco during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Analysis During Chapter IV of the study, the researcher examines the information retrieved from the survey implemented; complimenting relevant results with information accessed from the literature review.

The researcher creates, and presents a number of figures, reflecting results from the survey implemented during this study. The researcher further relates information retrieved from the review of literature to answer this study's research questions Pope et al. Neo Pets Case Study Neopets. Life lessons, relationship lessons, even artistic, music, and performance sharing could take place imagine, a NeoPet "Grease" production using a global cast?

Conclusions and Implications -- NeoPets obviously provides a niche about which some consumers are excited. Like many technological entertainment devises, though, there is certainly potential for abuse. One would not necessarily want their children to sit in front of a NASCA racing program, replete with ads, for hours at a time and never have any physical activity. It is not the place of technology to mandate other behavior, but the wisdom of parents and society to create a balance.

Ensuring that this will not be a fad is quite simple -- continue to evolve, to grow, to become more sophisticated in content and interaction.

In a similar way, funding could come from private foundations that might sponsor a segment e. Boeing on history of flight; Microsoft on computing…… [Read More]. Consumer Behavior for Marketing Understanding Consumer Behavior Understanding consumers' perceptions is critical to marketing and advertising.

Consumers are increasingly selective with regard to the advertising that they pay attention to and mass marketing is fast losing its effectiveness and appeal. There is any number of strategies that marketers can employ to increase positive consumer perception of their brands. Examples of this strategy can be seen in programs that Starbucks has established to give back to domestic communities and to engage in foreign communities in need.

Sale of Ethos water provides a portion of the revenue to be used for infrastructure changes to communities that do not have reliable sources of clean water. The ed program -- a collaborative effort which extended to other firms -- used a portion of…… [Read More]. Accessed March at: American Academy of Pediatrics. Sex in Advertising View Full Essay. References Jones, Marilyn Y. Tone, Andrea, Contraceptive consumers: Reichert, Tom; Heckler, Susan E, The effects of sexual social marketing appeals on cognitive processing and persuasion.

Hirschman , "Understanding the Socialized Body: Lambiase, Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal pp. Sex and Violence in Advertising: Retrieved , , from Ramsites: The Social Cost of Commercial Culture. Retrieved , , from The Socialist Alternative: Works Cited Case, William. How Advertisers Promote Addiction. You and Me Babe: Petersburg Times 13 May Works Cited Fowles, Jib. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J.

References Belch, G, Belch, M. An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective. New York Gerrig, R. Bloemer, J, Kasper, H The complex relationship between consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty, Journal of Economic Psychology, 16 2: Hillary Clinton's approach to social media killed her campaign.

Retrieved November 7, from http: National Council on Public Polls. Work Cited Erotic advertising. Retrieved June 17, from Fanny Hill Web site: Retrieved June 17, from Wikipedia Web site: Bibliography Altman, David G.

Albright, and Nathan Maccoby. Cigarette advertising in magazines, -- Belch, and Angelina Villarreal. Pearson Higher Education, De Gregorio, Federico, and Yongjun Sung. Cash in the city: Affording Manolos, martinis, and manicures on a working girl's salary. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Young women remake the Sexual Revolution. New York University Press. Callahan, Maureen, and Sara Stewart.

Psychologists push back against market forces and products that sexualize young girls. Springer, Doeschka, J. Anschutz and Rutger, C. National Library of Medicine.

Works Cited Kilbourne, Jean. The Culture of American Advertising. Works cited Garnier Fructis. Retrieved 14 Mar at http: Media Advertising View Full Essay. Social Media Today Community. E-Commerce Economics 2nd ed. Likewise, they include very obscure printed language at the bottom of the screen advising that the product is designed "for entertainment purposes only.

Third, the commercials feature attractive young female models and actresses who are paid for their participation and dressed in sexually provocative attire to capture male attention and suggest that these are the types of women to whom users of the product will become more attractive and desirable. Fourth, the advertisement series also denigrates women by suggesting that all they want from men is a large penis. In that regard, the main topic of the scripted dialogue among the female models pertains to their specific preference for men who are "bigger and wider.

In so doing, the commercials manage to insult the worth of females, the self-esteem of males, and the value of their relationships. References Wineburger, Marc G. Negative Product Safety News: Coverage, Responses, and Effects -- Automotive Industry. Retrieved June 14, , at http: References Grazer, William F. Severn, Jessica, George E. Belch and Michael A. Works Cited Edelson, Sharon August References Advertising prescription drugs.

Effect of Advertising View Full Essay. Bates, Clive, and Pauline Doyle. Online available at http: Consumer Behavior advertising and cultural appeal View Full Essay.

Offensive Advertising View Full Essay. Of course, to be fair to the Kellogg's company, in print, its popular television cereal advertising is also hardly guilt-free in its targeting of children, either in terms of the sugar rush it purports to provide, or its supposed health. Kellogg's in print promises Jedi strength in a cake masquerading as breakfast.

Kellogg's on the television promises the strength and fortitude of a tiger to children, as it depicts Tony the Tiger roaring away, fighting rapids with strength and dexterity, fueled by the morning power of corn flakes spackled with sugar. This advertisement has become even more deceitful because the company has been stressing that the cereal now contains less sugar.

But merely because the sugar is reduced does not mean that the levels of sugar consumed in a meal of Frosted Flakes are on par with the sugar levels that are acceptable for young children in the morning to have a good and healthy start for their school day, much less navigating white water rapids at camp.

The roaring, powerfully endowed Tony, one might add, is even funnier to contemplate when one considers that tigers and cats are carnivores, animals that eat other animals for protein in the morning, hardly sugary grains.

A sweet tooth is encouraged online Finally, even the Internet has come to bear in encouraging children to eat poorly nourishing food that contains sugar, without any information about the likely consequences of such a diet, even in terms of the children's morning energy levels. The use of the Internet to advertise the children-targeted cereals of Kellogg's is perhaps most insidious of all, as it contains tie-ins to popular 'play book' promotional advertisements.

By implying that athletes find a healthy breakfast in the form of a bowl of sugar encrusted cereal, children receive a confused, mixed message about nutrition at best, and at worst, the information misleads them from real data about truly healthy substances that could nourish their growing bodes. Children's palates are thus formulated at an early age to prefer sugar, encouraged to surf the Internet for fake competitions bought by eating cereal rather than exercising their bodies athletically outdoors, and the act of eating more for tiger stripes and points is encouraged, rather than eating to grow healthy bones, or not eating when one is not hungry.

References Author not Available. Feelings about Advertising and Media Used. Women and the Media: University Press of America, Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries. Emerald Group Publishing, United States National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. Retrieved November 29, , at http: Making sense of the capstone process: Reflections from the front line. Retrieved December 3, , from Questia database: Retrieved December 3, , at http: America's Teenagers -- Myths and Realities: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Teen Sex Linked to Early Friendships.

America's underage drinking epidemic. Media in the lives of eight to eighteen-year-olds. Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Race and Advertising View Full Essay. Race and Gender Imagery in s Television Advertising. A Journal of Research. A Guide for Teachers and Parents: Freud's Legacy in Dispute. New York Review of Books Editions. Danielle and Gail Hawkes. Unpacking the Discourse on Sexualization. Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People. References Charlie Cray Multinational Monitor, 22 6 , 4.

Selling Music with Sex: American Journal of Public Health, 95 3 , Works Cited Controlling Advertising? Advertising's effects on men's gender role attitudes. A Journal of Research, May, Sexism and the Media View Full Essay. Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women. Lyrics available at www. Music available at iTunes. Men who have met sex partners via the Internet: Prevalence, predictors, and implications for HIV prevention.

Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31 2 , The use of the Internet in psychological research: Comparison of online and offline questionnaires. Demarginalizing the sexual self.

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The dream becomes reality. The Middle East, , Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. Works Cited American Psychological Association. The Effects of Video Games on Children. Sheffield Academic Press Ltd. Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence. Influence Science and Practice. Awaken the Giant Within. Simon and Schuster, Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion. Bibliography Altstie, T, and J.

Callcott, MF, and W. Lee, "A content analysis of animation and animated spokes-characters," Journal of Advertising, vol. Brand positioning through advertising in Asia, North America, and Europe: The role of global consumer culture. The Journal of Marketing, Understanding consumer conversations around ads in a Web 2. Journal of Advertising,40 1 , Color usage in international business-to-business print advertising. Industrial Marketing Management, 29 3 , Brand advertising as creative publicity.

Journal of Advertising Research, 42 4 , Popular Culture, Ideology, and Capitalism: Critique of the 'Culture Industry'" Yar, Majid. Culture as a System of Signs" Yar, Majid. This review will address three areas of literature related to visual attention to advertising and engagement with the ad as a brand experience. In the first section, research relating to the value of sexual imagery in advertising is reviewed. In the second section, gendered responses, existing eye-tracking research and visual attention is discussed.

This review ends with an illustration of advertising as a brand experience and its link to Consumer Brand Engagement. The value of sexual imagery in advertising After several decades of investigation, it is still held by those in the advertising industry that sex sells Amyx and Amyx, ; Stephey, In an attempt to break through the adverting clutter and to distinguish themselves from the general noise, brands employ these techniques to attract attention and to stand out from the competition.

The fact that advertising employing sexual appeals has become the norm for various consumer product categories, including personal care, perfume, fashion accessories and apparel Wyllie et al. As a result, advertising that fails to employ these techniques inevitably risks going unnoticed. On a deeper, cognitive level, sexual advertising may attract and hold attention for longer than non-sexual adverts Reichert et al. Sexual advertising has been shown to influence behavioural intentions such as purchase intention in comparison to non-sexual advertising Dudley, , Grazer and Keesling, However, it is moderately sexual appeals that most stimulated these intentions; rather than high, low or non-sexual conditions Grazer and Keesling, ; Latour and Henthorne, In contrast, several authors suggest that the use of sexual imagery may attract and hold attention without typically resulting in a correlated brand recall advantage Grazer and Keesling, ; Severn et al.

Some researchers report that inappropriate use of explicit sexual appeals may provoke unfavourable reactions when they are perceived as gratuitous Dahl et al. In other words, it is important that marketers consider how much nudity, and the levels of implied sexuality, the target market will comfortably accept Reichert et al.

These variables have an impact in theory and in practice every time a consumer views an advertisement and represent significant gaps in the literature. A possible explanation is that examination earlier work has focused on two primary themes rather than developing the research in these newer areas. The first line of study includes content analysis, looking extensively at the levels of undress in the advertisements Reichert and Ramirez, ; Biswas et al.

Involvement is another variable that has been shown to influence consumer response to sexual advertising.

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Today we live in a world that sex sells mostly everything. People from all over the world are constantly bombarded with an increasing amount of sexual advertising.

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Sex in advertising or “sex sells” are advertisements that show either the female and male body in order to attract buyers. Ever since advertising was established as a moneymaking business, sex has been utilized with it since it was proven that it could improve interests and sales. Sex in advertising essay - Get started with research paper writing and craft the best term paper ever Order a % authentic, non-plagiarized thesis you could only imagine about in our paper writing assistance receive the necessary essay here and put aside your worries.

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Sex in Advertising: A Focus on Models Essay Sensual Advertisement Sex is visible in almost all streams of media and the seductively toned advertisements over-power magazines’ pages, television commercials, and billboards on the road. This free Marketing essay on Essay: Sex in advertising is perfect for Marketing students to use as an example.