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Sample Essay on Texting and Driving

AT&T educates consumers about the dangers of texting while driving

❶If all drivers kept in mind that every time they pick up their phone to take a call or send a text message, they are simultaneously endangering their own and others' lives, accidents may be less prone to happen. He survived the crash, suffering only a concussion and broken collarbone, but the girl died on impact, her neck snapped.

with Dr. Jessica O'Hara

Making the correlation between drinking and driving

There are three types of distracted driving. These are, visual, manual and cognitive. Visual distractions are when you take your eyes of the road.

Manual distractions are when you take your hands of the wheel. Cognitive distractions are when you take your mind of the task of driving.

Texting is a form of all three. Distracted driving is so dangerous because it not only affects the driver, but the passengers and the innocent bystanders as well. The number one contributory factor in causes of death of crashes involving distracted drivers, as well as the biggest concern of organizations that are against distracted driving is the use of cell phones and texting.

In alone, 3, people were killed in distracted driving crashes, a number that continues to go up Distraction. The spread of technology and the increase of distracted driving on our roadways have created an epidemic that is greatly affecting the population. There is no doubt that statistics clearly show how dangerous distracted driving can be. In , there were over , people that were injured in car accidents involving a distracted driver, which is significantly higher than the , in Distraction.

Although this is a problem for people of all ages, drivers under 20 years of age seem to make up a large portion of the distracted drivers. Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted Distraction. I have seen first hand the impact distracted driving can have on not just a family, but for an entire community.

This issue is very important to me because it affects my generation primarily. The most number of fatal crashes that occur due to distracted driving affect young adults more than any other age group. Everyone seems to have an iPhone or a laptop or an iPod these days, even young children. These advances have become so deeply rooted in our society one cannot seem to go a single day without their phone or laptop or other electronic devices.

People are constantly going on the Internet and checking their phones whether it is to text some one or post a status update or a picture. Personally this issue not only affects my generation, it hits close to home as well. She lived the town over from me. Nikki had a smile that would light up the whole room whenever she walked in it.

She was so kind, caring and compassionate. Her death was so unexpected so sudden it left everyone speechless. The whole community was devastated by her loss. I still remember seeing one of my close friends that was very good friends wit her breakdown.

The whole thing was honestly so heartbreaking. I remember talking to her father about what happened, he was devastated, I could only imagine the pain and grief he was feeling. I could hear the devastation in his words. This young beautiful smart intelligent girl had so much going for her. She not only was a Straight A student, she had a full ride scholarship to Rider University where she would have attended that fall.

Her future was so bright, only good things were to come and that was all snatched away from her in the blink of an eye. Thinking about what happened to Nikki two years ago still manages to get me very emotional. The driver of the car Nikki was a passenger in was cited for driving carelessly. It is clear that when the driver made that left turn she was distracted by something that prevented her from looking and seeing the pick up truck the car collided with that led to Nikki's death.

When someone drives distractedly they make a choice to pick up their phone and text, they make the choice to take their eyes of the road and divulge in doing something else. Her school had an assembly, and they rattled off statistics. One that stuck in her mind was that 80 percent of crashes involve some form of distracted driving.

She thought about it every time she drove, and made sure to pay attention. Sitting at a stoplight, she waited patiently for it to change. Then, as she pulled away, the horrific screeching of rubber tires, the grinding together of metal and smashing glass made an unforgettable sound.

The little girl who had been so loved and intentionally brought into the world by her parents was so unintentionally taken out of it. The young man that smashed into the side of her car had been texting his girlfriend, sure she would get mad if he didn't reply to her "What are you doing? He survived the crash, suffering only a concussion and broken collarbone, but the girl died on impact, her neck snapped.

The girl's parents turned completely ghostly when they heard the news. Crying the all too familiar tears of complete heartbreak, their quivering hands struggled to hold each other up as they sobbed. They began to question every aspect of their lives, wondering what they did to deserve so many hardships, and why the young man got to live, while their blameless daughter had to die.

At another assembly at the girl's old school, the young man was brought in to speak. He struggled through his speech to the group of high school students.

He began by telling them facts that he knew they probably weren't listening to. But it wasn't until he broke down and told his story were they really listening.

By the end, their glassy, tear-filled eyes looked up at him, and he hoped that someone would change their mind, and maybe take a pledge not to text and drive, and that he could save a life. All across America people are having problems with texting and driving.

Texting and driving should be illegal. Why it should be illegal is because of the percentage of crashes caused by texting and driving, the percentage of fatalities caused by texting and driving and also the impact it can have on others around you or another person. The increase in car crashes since has increased dramatically because of texting and driving.

In over Twenty-five thousand car crashes were caused by texting and driving. That is over Twenty-five thousand to many. The long term impact on other people around you could possibly be the worse, just imagine how your mother, father, sister, brother, or grandparents would feel if you lost your life because of something as stupid as texting and driving.

Or how would you be able to live with yourself by taking a life from another person because of your texting and driving.

There is a site called www. Their website also has a lot of information on the effects of texting and driving. All you have to do is click I Pledge, I did it, Will you? The numbers are actually very devastating. Texting and driving should be a crime. People are constantly fixated on their phones, checking Twitter, Facebook and text messages. The use of a cell phone while driving is extremely distracting and dangerous to the person behind the wheel, and everyone else on the road as well.

But, this is not just a problem among teen drivers. To combat this problem, the United States government much take a stronger stance and pass legislation that unifies texting while driving laws and punishments, as well as installing much more education about the dangers of texting behind the wheel to convey the much needed message to the future drivers of the United States.

Currently, thirty-five states have enacted complete bans on texting for all drivers. This leaves seven more states that have no ban at all. All of these numbers must be changed by a unified, national ban on texting while driving. The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, recommended this past December that there should be a national ban on all cell phone use inside vehicles, even hands free devices. This law would be much stricter than any current state law, and a drastic step towards vehicular safety.

No email, no text, no update, no call is worth a human life. A law banning all use of cell phones would cause dissatisfaction within certain members of the American population, as it would cause the need for complying to a completely new rule that is combatting what has become ingrained behavior for many Americans.

But, any law that bans texting while driving would undoubtedly save hundreds of American lives. A national ban on texting while driving would aid in cutting this number down immediately. As well as unifying laws against texting behind the wheel, the United States must make sure that the sanctions for violating such a law are strong enough to deter drivers from typing while driving.

Massachusetts has some of the strictest texting while driving sanctions in the country and should be a model for others to follow. Violators are also punished severely if they cause an accident while texting behind the wheel Chretien. Imposing only a fine of such low monetary value does not properly convey the seriousness of the offense or work strongly enough to deter drivers from putting their phones down while driving.

In order to properly unify, enforce, and deter texting while driving punishment for breaking the law should be uniform across the country, using the model that Massachusetts has already set. They claim that Washington has more to worry about than micromanaging the states.

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The Dangers of Texting While Driving Essay; The Dangers of Texting While Driving Essay. Words 4 Pages. In today’s day and age, technology has drastically increased. People seem to rely on the use of their devices more than anything. Typically, whenever and wherever, everyone is engaged in some form of technology, cell phones in particular.

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Texting While Driving. Talking And Texting While Driving?Abstract: Distracted driving is a leading cause to automobile fatalities. Distracted driving can range from talking, texting to eating, and topic has been a debate issue between several experts and U.S. citizens. Persuassive Essay on Texting and Driving. blamed on distracted driving and most of the distractions are caused by cell phone usage.” Many drivers today have such busy lives and never have time to get the things they need to do complete in one day’s time. This leaves them to get things done while on the road.

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Texting and Driving - This paper examines the dangers that arise when cell phones are used at the same time as operating a vehicle. The paper will explore the following question of why this is a problem and why the research is important. Texting and Driving: It Can Wait By Cody Botkin 73% of all young American drivers say its easy to text and drive and see no problem, but 23% nearly million car crashes are caused by young adults texting and driving.