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❶Any references in your assignment text i. We are honored to have many contented customers with us.

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Request revision if necessary. The demarcating hallmarks that define the quality of content produced by our writers are all in the type of writers we hire and the investment the company makes on them. We recruit ingenious, creative, meticulous, and reliable writers whose experience in the industry is indubitable. While your paper gets written by our fastidious writers, our support team stays online and works round the clock to solve all your concerns.

As soon as your paper is completed by our writers, it is further verified by a professional editor who confirms that is original, in conformity with the instructions issued, and written using the correct language, whether business, academic, or article. With your paper in our hands, you are assured of quality, timeliness, originality, professionalism, and success. Scrutiny, background checks, thorough evaluation, and rigorous interviews characterize our writer-recruitment process.

Before consideration, all writers submit their credentials for graduate and post-graduate studies, which are verified via their institutions of learning. If accepted, these applicants are subjected to a three-hour proficiency examination that tests their knowledge of the morphological and syntactical rules of English.

This process is concluded by writing professional essays in their areas of specialization that conform to the expectations of MyClassAssignments. While we formerly hired writers from the United Kingdom, Australia, and United States exclusively, the increase of clientele that come from English native-speaker and second-language-speaker has compelled us to draw writers from across the world.

Despite undergoing thorough testing for proficiency, second language speakers of English only write papers whose demands are correspond to their origins and qualifications.

Because we endeavor to deliver the best and highest quality of papers to our clients, we train our writers on professionalism and updated formatting and academic techniques from time to time. Upon recruitment, we attach each writer to an editor or senior writer, who works with them for months. This ensures that all writers get the nitty-gritty details of academic and business writing to perfection.

Random papers are picked, evaluated for quality and recommendations for improvement made. In all, we make every effort to ensure that writers at MyClassAssignments. Once an order is received, a background check for the best and most suitable writer is launched to ensure quality and timely delivery.

We want to be sure the writer is a professional in your area with tested experience and ready to serve all your needs. We deliver each assignnment within the stipulated deadline. Shorter deadlines too never scare us. We understand what quality papers mean and hence put all our energy in ensuring nothing less than quality work. We put value in quality while charging affordably. Overcharging students is simply not one of our characters. We don't let just anyone write your papers. Our writers are thoroughly tested for competency and proficiency.

Amazing work and done under hours even though I offered three days, work presented in simple but sophisticated language and the work is detailed.

No plagiarism detected, which is very important. Writer is professional and always responds back on time. Completed ahead of due date with pertinent information and in the right format.

Great Work did Exactly what the assignment required. Paper was more than I was expecting. Very well done and was delivered long before deadline. Delivered a very well written paper and was quick to fix minor edits. Some special features of our company are as follows;. If you are in such a situation, where you have to pay someone to do your assignment, make sure to extensively search online for reliable firm as there are many companies are working for your assistance but you need to find out the most suitable company for your project.

And if you choose us, then no matter for us that how confusing your order or how hectic your paper as we have professionals to solve all your academic writing related queries on a single click. If Assignment Corner is where you land at, then you will get all the favorable solutions to the following requests: Quickly write me an assignment Make my assignment flawless without any grammatical errors I need to reference my project as I am not aware of Harvard citation style All these will be expertly tackled by the team at AssignmentCorner.

When the date of submission comes closer, students panic and go online, with the request, Write my assignment cheap. This is all due to the fear of being charged a hefty amount for the project completed. The prices set at us have been kept low due to the clients being students in most of the cases, who have to pay from their own pocket money. Tailor Nelson , London, United Kingdom. Neil Dickson , Kent, United Kingdom. This is an example of how the points mentioned above were included as part of the introduction for an assignment on the obesity epidemic and efforts being made to tackle it.

Obesity is one of the major public health challenges of the twenty first century as its prevalence is increasing at an alarming rate in both developing and developed countries. This assignment discusses the pattern of development of the obesity epidemic and its epidemiology. It also seeks to analyse how globalisation, trade and debt have fuelled the problem. In addition, the assignment will examine the interventions that are addressing this issue.

This is an example showing how the points mentioned above were incorporated in the conclusion of a student assignment discussing strategic partnership within UNAIDS. It benefits from organisational diversity and varied specialisations among the partners. However this diversity can also be a hindrance while coordinating activities. Duplication of efforts, lack of harmonisation of procedures, lack of effective evaluations among partners and inter-organisational competition for funding from donors have often adversely affected the collaborative effort.

Building a well-coordinated and efficient collaboration between partner organisations of UNAIDS is an iterative and on-going process. Efforts are being made to develop results-based structures, to pool funding from donors to encourage collaboration and to align efforts of all partners to improve efficiency.

Remember to choose either Harvard or Vancouver versions of referencing and to use the same version while citing within the text and in the bibliography. Reference all citations in their correct format including web-pages and reports. Here are some tips about how to take an evidence based and critical approach to writing your assignment:.

Think about what evidence will back up your claim For example - I may search on google scholar to see if there is any published evidence that community health workers are effective at reducing infant mortality rates. I will need to think about my search terms, and how to decide which articles are relevant. Look at the Are You Ready module for a guide on how to search the internet for academic text. Depending on how the information was collected, and who it was collected by, we might value it in a different way.

Each time you find an article you want to include in your assignment, then add it to your list of all references. Make sure you use the same format - you need to decide whether to use the Vancouver or Harvard format.

For more on our academic study and writing skills resources library and courses, click here requires login. Skip to main content. Tips on writing assignments.

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