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4 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Honest

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Honesty is when you speak the truth and act truthfully.
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Certainly, several people believe that lying makes them have a guilty conscience, and causes them to feel horrible about themselves. The only way to live burden free is by telling the truth.

While honesty may give people mental peace, it can also be very selfish. Most people come clean and confess the truth in order to clear their conscience without completely thinking of the effects on others. Carter for the Atlantic Monthly, he uses an example of a dying man who decides to tell his wife of fifty years about an affair he had fifteen years into their marriage. This affair was killing the man for thirty-five years, and in order for him to die peacefully he needed to tell the truth, and clear his conscience.

While he was honest with his wife and his moral sense was cleared, telling the truth was not moral. She has to live the rest of her life knowing that he is the same loving husband she thought he was. He only thought about himself and clearing his conscience, but it just caused pain for his wife, and hurt her more than it helped her in this time of grief.

As her husband he is supposed to act with love towards her, not look out just for himself. More than that, living a lie is hard work.

It means not being yourself or enjoying relationships, and that is not comfortable for anyone. On the other hand, while being honest about difficult situations may be uncomfortable at first, if it can be worked through, the relationship is strengthened, trust is built and love is deepened.

The best relationships are the ones with honesty. It may mean difficult talks and awkward confrontations, but being honest also means better relationships with others and with yourself. Please consider leaving a comment for the writer or like Trudy Adams' FB page: Being honest isn't always easy, otherwise we'd all do it all the time, but there are five main reasons why honesty is important: Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Tumblr 0 Likes.

A co-worker may notice that you failed to return a pencil that you borrowed from her, and then you failed to return her calculator the week after that. A classmate may notice that you are constantly late for school-related group meetings. These are small things that add up to your reputation. Not being honest about what you are going to do or not do gives people the impression that you are not someone they can rely on.

Confess your mistakes right away and offer solutions. We often commit mistakes in the workplace. This could be about something as trivial as forgetting to meet a deadline or crashing the office database. I have often been tempted so many times to downplay a mistake and try to sweep it under the rug, especially if the mistake is something that I think is small or trivial.

However, I realized that I will make these mistakes, small or large, as I continue on with my interactions with others, in the office or out of it. Continuously downplaying my mistakes or not acknowledging my faults time and time again will not do any good for my reputation.

A better way would be acknowledging the mistake, no matter how small it is, giving a sincere apology, and offering solutions. The last step would be to make sure that the mistake never happens again. Most people will appreciate this kind of honesty, because it shows that you are not the type of person who commits an error and then runs. This shows that you can shoulder the consequences of your actions and you are willing to work on your mistakes.

Do what you say. I struggled with this aspect of honesty for a long, long time. There are times when I have all the intention in the world to do something at a particular times. However, other things, such as schedules, laziness, fear, etc. All the intention in the world will not mean anything if there is no follow-through, and this is something that people notice if you do it often enough.

Having a reputation like this is not good for anyone, especially if you own a business or offer a service and customers expect things and services from you on time. Lack of dependability can shatter any business in a day, and can ruin relationships that you have taken years to build. This is simple enough, but it can be so hard to do, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you think you can easily get away with it.

How to Build Trust By Being Honest

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The importance of honesty is a value that has always been taught in the family, society and school. Keywords: honesty definition essay, disadvantages of honesty. The good thing about being honest is that people keep it´s ideals they show who they are. They do not lie because of the fear of being .

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- Essay on Honesty You pull up to the second window at the McDonalds’s drive-through to pick up the shake you just ordered and paid for, and the person working there hands you a huge bag of food while asking you if this is what you ordered. Being honest with each other can lead to a happy and more emotionally healthy environment. For the.

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Honesty refers to the quality of being honest, truthful and sincere. An honest man is fearless and courageous. He does not bow his head before others. He can face any situation in life with courage and confidence. Thus honesty is the best policy. It is rare to find a truly honest man. A man is born with the quality of honesty, and then, it depends how he is brought up by his Words Essay for School Students on Honesty.

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Honesty is one of the good qualities. An honest behavior means a behavior which is free from cheat and deceit. Honesty is based on truthfulness. Related Articles: Essay on Consumer Protection Movement. Before you can be honest and open with others, you must first be so with yourself. Who are you? What are your values? What do you stand for? Who.