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❶He does not talk about the interminable wait times, overcrowded ERs, poor standards of quality and difficulties in accessing modern drugs and tests that plague these countries. Moore empathizes that Americans have the worst health care system in the civilized world.

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There are many other cases featured in the documentary of insured people being denied coverage. Moore also shows the political side of the health care providers. He explains that healthcare companies sponsor politicians that will be beneficial to their companies if elected. After informing the audience of a patient being denied treatment, Moore gives an example of the free healthcare in other countries. For example, Moore shows a man visiting Europe that broke his arm and was treated for free under the socialistic healthcare system.

This documentary was very interesting for me. The healthcare system in America is controversial right now and it is a topic I am still trying to understand myself. While this documentary did clarify some confusion for me, it did not remove it all together. He is biased toward the socialistic healthcare system and did not portray any negative effects or circumstances with the socialistic system.

The documentary contains extreme examples of patients not being insured that are not that relate able as an audience member. Sicko by Michael Moore is a moving and poignant documentary, but it is also biased and his persuasion tactics are easy to identify. Accessed September 14, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: How about make it original? Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. In the first half of the film, he presents three cases representative of the plight of the roughly 46 million people that have no health insurance. The film also focuses on the state of the million Americans who do have health insurance and who have become victims of insurance company fraud or red tape having being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, experimental procedures or retrospectively denied coverage for pre-existing conditions they never knew about.

It includes confessions from former insurance industry workers who are guilty or angry about their roles in denying drugs or treatments and describe cost-cutting initiatives that encourage bonuses for insurance company physicians to deny medical treatments for policyholders1,. In the second half of the movie, Moore goes on to different countries that offer socialized medicine like Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba.

Here he paints a rather wonderful picture of the socialized system working in these countries. He interviews patients, doctors, and a few other citizens of those countries who are very happy with the kind of care they receive.

He highlights all the benefits of a socialized single-payer health care system and compares it to the health care system of America1. My take on the film is that even though the movie presents a very biased view of the facts, it still makes you sit, watch and ponder on some of the issues the film has tried to showcase. A survey by the non-profit Henry J. I think this is an effective medium to generate a real impact on the public; however in this aspect, this documentary has its drawbacks too as it does not provide an unbiased view.

One cannot ignore the fact that the view presented in the film is one-sided with Moore highlighting only the negatives of the U.

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In the documentary Sicko, Michael Moore exposes the dysfunctional North American healthcare system. His documentary focuses on the corruption, the political agenda, and comparing the American healthcare systems compared to others.

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Like in the movie Sicko I don't think we will get our government to do our laundry any time soon. Every new mother needs help that is a stressful and happy time in a women's life I support having the leisurely of enjoying it and having enough paid time off.

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"Sicko" Essays and Research Papers Sicko Professor Bollinger December 12, SiCKo: The Thought­Provoker Michael Francis Moore is a controversial American filmmaker who has directed numerous documentaries. Sicko - Analysis This essay Sicko - Analysis is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - 4/4(1).

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Custom Sicko Essay Writing Service || Sicko Essay samples, help Michael Moore filmed several recommendable documentary movies. Bowling for Columbine, Roger & Me, . Sicko Essay In the Movie “ Sicko ” i was enlightened on what’s actually wrong with our US healthcare system. Michael Moore had a lot of .