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❶The developer can easily use or import the existing forms, macros and reports into the new SQL server or application.

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Wit about it is in the researching of the system the data visualization are been overcome by this, then gaining all the benefit to everyone. Representation of the data and there standards: Cooperative researching of the system always confirms the standards of the data and there formats, it is been done for the exchanging the system and how the data will be searched and mutual considerate. It can be developed or implemented as very informally among all the researchers or can be made by journals and data that to be stored in the database.

Interoperability of the data: Database applications are the various types of software through which we can create maintain all the data effectively. There are mainly three technologies that are used to create the database, database management by SQL, spreadsheets of excel and database system with new SQL. SQL database management system: Every single instruction given to the database is called transactions.

New SQL database management System: This is a database management language that is mainly used for the unstructured data. It is used for the relational database this is used to take conventions from the data tables that are been stored in the column and rows in the table. In the database there is a huge collection of the data files that are been managed by the server, and we can work on those stored files by making use of the database management system.

It just manages all the requests from both of the sides and manages all the requests effectively. Read more about Technical Assignment Help. Sharing of the data is much easier: It is just provides a great experience for the user to get access to the data in more managed and easy way. So it is more effective and easy to use for the end user to respond fast to all the changes that are been done.

This is one of the main feature of the database, as more the user will be then more the risk that data will be hacked , every organization invest a big amount in securing the data from hackers and they ensure that the money they are paying will be used in the bitterness of the security.

Database management system provides various systems to secure your data more effectively. Integration of the data is better: Infidelity for the data minimized: This problem can be overcome by making a well-constructed and managed database.

Better access to the data: Database management system provides a unique feature to answer ad hoc queries at a time. As per the database, a database manipulates the data when an instruction is been given by a single query.

Then the answer will be sent to the application by the database. When the questions are been not answered by the database then the database will send the question like:. To make a great information from the data is like we have to manage the data in a great manner and the access to the data will be better from the past. What the information we are giving will definitely depends on the data we are providing to the data.

Database management system provides the system to the quality of the data. Database development methodology is the structure approach which uses the techniques, procedure, documentation and database tool to design and develop the database. There is many steps and phase involved in the database development methodology. The entity-relationship model is the conceptual and theoretical way of representing the relationship between the database table and their entity in the database development.

The entity relationship modeling helps to generate a visual representation of the data which is stored in the database. It helps to define the relationship in the defining the relationship between the different database tables. This is also known as the entity relationship diagram. To draw an entity relationship diagram, I have to follow the following steps:. Normalization is the process of removing the repeating tuples from the database to make it consistent and error free.

The normalized database provides better results and meaningful information. Hence it comprises of decomposing existing into several tables as per requirements. The decomposition removes the duplicity and it ensures that the data is organized efficiently and the dependencies between the tables must be logically correct. I have made six tables such as Customer, Supplier, Payment, product, order and backorder table. All the tables are normalized and having primary key and associated referential integrity.

The primary key of the table uniquely identifies the table and does not depend on any other key. There are majorly three kinds of normalization i. As per 1NF no two columns must have multiple values and in our database we have satisfying this constraint. According to the second normal form it says that there should not be dependency on the primary key by any of the column.

According to third normal form every non-prime attribute must not depend on another non-prime-attribute which means there should not be any transitive dependency. Database development cycle involves the same step of SDLC such as planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.

To design a database one must take care of what tables are to be created, what will be the procedure, how to perform normalisation. What would be the input to the system and what would be the output. Analysis — The first and foremost requirement is to find the problem of the assigned project.

In our case I have found that the need is to create a computerized database that will replace their manual work and make the work procedure efficient. Once I have went through the Tom and Jerry case study thoroughly I have started deciding the tables that has to be made and then decide the primary key, foreign key and candidate key if required. Design- The next thing that I have done is to decide the input forms and reports needed.

I have made rough sketches of the forms and report to set the layout and look and feel of the forms and reports. I have also written queries in a paper for all the tasks as per required by case study. The next thing I did is to make Entity Relation diagram for the design of database as it is going to be a blueprint for the database implementation part.

Implementation- Now is the time when I have actually have everything in hand , the rough sketches , ER diagram, tables etc. After that I have set the relationship between the tables using relationship feature of access.

After that I have created the login form, user interface forms and reports required as per case study using Form Design and Report Design button respectively. Lastly I have implemented all the written queries and run it through the RUN command. Read more about Computer Network Assignment.

Once implemented, I have cross checked all the functionalities like validation on forms, input masks etc. I have checked whether all the features are working fine or not. Then I have checked the security and design of the database by checking the login pages, then I have checked if the made queries fetching the correct output or not.

Is the developed system is feasible and fruitful to the Tom and Jerry ltd. Although testing is the next step after implementation, it has been followed at each step of database development cycle to remove errors and bugs.

The maintenance on the other hand can be defined as the updating required in the future or if any operational help is required. I have created 6 tables in total and set up the relationship between the tables. I have applied the validations on the forms like customer name should be in text or the phone number must be in numeric etc. I have also provided the login facility for the users so that no unauthorized user can access the database. The checkboxes, lists and dropdowns are there for taking input from the user.

Figure 1 datasheet view. Read more about Computer Programming Assignment. Form user interface for adding records, deleting records and amend records.

Query to search and find a customer by entering the customer name or ID. All orders where payment is more than 28 days past the payment due date etc.

Read more about Database Design Assignment Help. When we test a database, we first check that whether the developed database is efficient and reliable or not.

The database is tested both from the user point of view and design point of view. The developed database is tested and is efficient and reliable for both user point of view and design point of view.

MS Access allows its users to create and manage multiple things which are related to the developed database such as forms, reports, tables, queries, etc.

MS Access also allows the users to code for macros and visual to automatize the whole application. The key advantage of the developed database is that the developer can redesign the database or the application whenever he wants to explore or upsize the application. In that case, the developers need not to design and develop the database again. The developer need not to waste his time again for the designing phase of the database.

The developer can easily use or import the existing forms, macros and reports into the new SQL server or application. It is very important to make our database secure and protected from the unauthorized users as the database contains all the important and confidential information about the people. The unauthorized person cannot come and see our stored data, it is highly secured. The developed database is easy to maintain, insert, delete and update as we have used the concept of primary key and foreign key in our database.

If the user need to make changes in a specific record then he need not to make changes in each and every table, he can simply make changes in one table and all the changes will get reflected in all other tables as the developed database is integrated.

In near future, with our increasing requirement, the database can be improved accordingly. The developed database in MS access is capable of storing the data only upto 2 gigabytes GB. So with the growth and demand of the company, the requirement of storage may occur. So in future, we may need to increase the capacity of the database. We may need to shift to a more secured database. In that case, we may require a need to shift to the Oracle database. To use the database we have to click it and open it first to open the file first double click on the database file.

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