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❶These two children were able to understand what it means to become a true friend to someone, and because of it, each has gained a special kind of happiness in their life, because the other child was in it.

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Hope; A Short Essay
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Although it was a fearful time for the entire family, they still knew what they were doing was the right thing to do. Was clearly shown and Max was just as grateful. Max was aware of the danger he was putting the family in, but had no other choice unless he was to go into a concentration camp. He grew a strong friendship with not only Rose and Hans, but Liesel as well.

Liesel would go into the basement every night and read with Max, and although most of the times they sat in silence, that is when their friendship grew the strongest.

Max was afraid of being sent away, but he was more afraid of putting this family in danger, especially a little girl like Liesel that had already been through so much. Max knew that Liesel had already lost her first family, so he felt guilty that she could lose this family too, because of him. Their act of kindness, in the end, benefitted Max as well as their entire family as it brought the three of them closer.

This shows that in a place where there is so much hatred, there are still people that can show love and honor by helping those in need. Through Hans, Ilsa, and the Hubermann family, the reader is able to see that hope can be given as well as received through simple acts of kindness, regardless of the time or situation. Despite this many negative emotions going on in this time, happiness could still sometimes be found by both children and adults.

Hans, Rudy and, Liesel all felt some degree of joy despite the negative world around them. His happiness came from his accordion. Liesel pays close attention to when her Papa plays the accordion, because not only does she notice his happiness, but hearing him play makes her happy as well. The accordion breathes…Sometimes [she] thinks [her] Papa is an accordion. Hans has been playing the accordion for a long time now, and he uses his talent to bring delight in the Hubermann household every night when he plays the instrument to Liesel and Rosa, and even Max.

Hans is a grown man that not only understands the war going outside his household, but has even been in war as well.

Despite this knowledge, Hans refuses to give us the simple pleasures in life such as playing an instrument he loves, and allowing his daughter to hear him and receive the same joy he does when he is playing.

Hans being happy gives himself, as well as the reader that Hans will never die a bitter man. This shows that adults are still capable of enjoying simple moments, even in times of great stress. During a time where most friendships were broken because of ethnical and physical differences, there was still hope for some new friendships to be made.

Rudy and Liesel are two children, a boy and girl, which live on the same street that immediately connect when Liesel moves to Himmel Street. This friendship creates a bond between the two that can only bring a special kind of happiness to them, although neither would ever admit it.

There bond grew the strongest after the two decided to steal together because they both came from poor families. Although it seems like Rudy was a bad influence on Liesel, their friendship still kept them sane.

Even as kids, they were able to understand that there was something going on, although they could not tell what is was. They still brought each other joy, whether it be when they played soccer in the street or after they stole something.

They helped each other distract the other of what was really going on, and because of it they became inseparable. These two children were able to understand what it means to become a true friend to someone, and because of it, each has gained a special kind of happiness in their life, because the other child was in it.

Liesel ended up with a passion for reading after learning how to with her Papa. She found her escape within her books, and she used her readings to bring others comfort, and herself happiness. During a bomb-raid, while everyone was in a basement taking cover, Liesel started to read in order to calm down the other children. These objects were able to bring these two people such happiness in their lives that it allowed them to forget about the harshness outside them. From this happiness that Liesel gets from books, readers can conclude that the simplest of objects can be the cause of great joy.

Hans, Rudy and Liesel are all examples that humans are able to create their own happiness, or allow simple objects to bring them joy. Although these three are living through such a dark and angry time, their ability to feel and express happiness shows that there is still hope for a happier future for them. Nazi Germany consists of a time where those with enough courage to speak against Hitler are beaten down, physically and mentally, to the point where all they have left is fear.

Knowing this, Liesel, Max and Hans all display a great amount of courage towards other Germans, Death itself as well as Hitler. Liesel expresses her boldness when she sees Max walking with the rest of the Jews, and decides to acknowledge and speak to him.

Max and Liesel created such a strong friendship, that he had given her a story that he created, and she had read to him while he was in their basement. She told Max about her past experiences, about the books that she stole, about the nightmares she had and Max returned the favor by sharing his hallucinations, books and nightmares with Liesel.

Knowing that the soldiers were watching, she still grabbed ahold of him, wanting to let him know she was there. Max attempted to get rid of her, for fear that she would get in trouble but she would not leave his side. The soldier, seeing Liesel once again talking to Max, pulled out a whip and whipped both Max and Liesel.

Liesel was determined to be with Max, and this act of bravery shows her courage towards the soldier that was threatening to punish her severely. The courage she expresses shows that people can be brave enough to do what is considered crazy things, if motivated enough. He dreamt that he would finally one day be able to physically beat Hitler down, the way Hitler had done to him and his people. Max shows great bravery in the face of struggle and even Death.

She hurried to the table where the box stood, unlatched it and opened the lid. Out flew all the evils of the world, except one. Pandora quickly slammed the lid and latched the box, trapping the last evil inside - foreboding. Thus, she stopped the destruction of mankind, for it would have been impossible to live without hope. This short story from ancient Greece shows how much they valued hope, which is also priceless to me.

I find hope priceless because it leads to other feelings. If someone enters a contest, the hope of winning will turn into a rush of excitement. Competitiveness is another emotion brought on by hope. If someone enters a race and hopes to win, they will feel competitiveness mixing with hope.

Hope can bring surprise, too. If someone is almost certain there is no way to succeed at something, and they manage to beat the odds, their hope will burst into surprise. Hope helps people live.

Hope is a lifeline to me. If I am in a seemingly inescapable hole, I hope for the best. This hope is like a light in my mind hiding the dark so I can look on better things. Then when I make it through, and wonder how I did it, one word comes to mind: How could one live without hope? In the darkness of life's hole, you are trapped in your own fear and worries unless you have hope.

It is a refuge from fear and terror, a shield that blocks your fear or thought of unlikely odds as though it were a ray of light coming from never-ending darkness. Without hope, life would be miserable. Without hope you would lead a boring, miserable life. Hope is what leads you to interact with the world. Hope of succeeding is what leads you to go to college and get a job. Hope helps us to live happy lives. We may not notice it, but hope is very important and truly matters.

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Sample Essay on Hope. First of all Hope is a noun that reflects the personal desire for a certain possible to occur. It is a sense of wanting something to happen and expecting it to happen in the presence of uncertainty and hesitation.

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A hope college essay creates hope in a person who has given up hope (in anything or everything). Essays on hope are written for the good of human kind. Essays about hope can be written, both positively and negatively.

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