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Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Essay

Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Essay Sample

❶This is a disturbing trend, especially in light of the fact that Justice Department surveys consistently show that less than half of all crime, including crimes of violence, is reported to the police.

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Another eight percent of serious violent crimes were committed by groups of offenders that included at least one juvenile. In all, twenty-five percent of all serious violent crime involved a juvenile offender. Of these crimes, more than one-half involved a group of offenders. Data gathered from a variety of sources indicate that after a period of relative stability in the rates of juvenile crime, there was a major turning point in about Blumstein, Violence by Young People: Why the Deadly Nexus?

Then, within the next seven years, the rate of homicides committed by young people, the number of homicides they committed with guns, and the arrest rate of non-white juveniles for drug offenses, all doubled. This dramatic increase of juvenile violence seems to be fueled by the increase in drug trafficking since the mid's, most particularly cocaine.

Increasing youth violence has become a national concern, and juvenile arrests are on the rise. Between and , arrests of juveniles for violent offenses rose by nearly sixty-eight percent. Most of this increase occurred between and , during which time juvenile arrests for murder increased forty-five percent, arrests for robbery increased thirty-seven percent, and arrests for aggravated assault increased thirty-seven percent.

The most alarming statistics among these increases are the growth in homicides and weapons violations among younger juveniles. Between and , homicide arrests of adolescents under age fifteen increased twenty-four percent, while arrests of youth in this age group for weapons violations increased twelve percent.

It is interesting to note that between and , juvenile arrests for murder increased by fifty-one percent compared to a nine percent increase for those over the age of eighteen. One in every eight violent crimes committed was attributed to juveniles. The decrease in numbers does not include those juveniles that were arrested for violent crimes. Approximately one third of juvenile murders were individuals under the age of five caused by physical violence. Between the years of and , statistics have shown a decrease in the juvenile crime rate between males and females.

Crime trends have shown that it is more common for females to be involved in some form of violence to specifically include assault. Juvenile crime rates for simple assaults and drug violations has decreased from The arrest rate of females has increased from — Simple assault, larceny-theft, drug abuse, and DUI arrests increased for females but decreased for males.

Race of a juvenile and even an adult has always been a sticking point in many discussions involving crime. Studies have shown that African American juveniles are directly and indirectly responsible for over half of all juvenile crimes. Based on the crime index rate black youths were 5 times more likely to commit violent crimes and more than double the rate of white youths for property crimes.

The arrest rates submitted by the various law enforcement agencies are not based on the same principles in all states. South Carolina ranks 32nd in Violent Crimes and 46th in Property Crimes as compared to all other states. To obtain the most accurate information to track the types and frequency of juvenile arrests measures, checks, and balances need to be in place. These measures, checks, and balances are needed to adequately note the crimes committed, the area committed, and the type of individual committing the crime.

By knowing where, how, and whom law enforcement will gains the knowledge or where law enforcement presence is needed. Various agencies will use the statistical information to develop programs to deter crime and provide services for those requiring rehabilitation.

By understanding and implementing the information received there is the hope that a decrease in both violent and property crimes will be decreased. Crime will never be fully diminished but decreasing the occurrence and type of crime will benefit all of society.

There are some challenges that are seen in obtaining statistical information. Society does not always report crimes. This will ultimately cause a spike in juvenile offenses and arrest numbers. Office of Justice Programs. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Retrieved July 24, , from http: Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper specifically for you.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Essay. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Should Minors be charged as Adults? Research Paper on Juvenile Court Review of juvenile crime study source. Statistics , Assault 30 , Juvenile crime 6.

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JUVENILE CRIME STATISTICS PAPER Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper CJA/ September 19, The information in this article gives statistics of juvenile .

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Juvenile Crime statistics Paper Juvenile delinquent actions identify an individual’s participation or involvement with an illegal act deemed to be an infraction of implemented Federal, state, or municipal law.

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Words | 3 Pages. Assignment; Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper CJA Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes Francisco Jorge Flores Sr. December 3rd, Mrs. Amy Gordon University of Phoenix Write a to 1, word paper summarizing the key points of the “Juvenile Arrests ” article. The black juvenile Violent Crime Index arrest rate was times the white rate in and in ; the rate disparity had declined to The reduction in arrest rate were primarily due to the decline in black-to-white arrest disparities for robbery, which was greater than the decline for aggravated assault.

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper There has been an overall decrease in juvenile arrests; law enforcement agencies in the United States arrested approximately million juveniles. (Puzzanchera, C) Overall, there were 3% fewer juvenile arrests in than in , and juvenile violent crime arrests fell 2%, continuing a recent decline. Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Essay Sample. The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs reviews arrest records from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States documenting statistics in relation to juveniles, location, and crime types.