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Writing at the Graduate Level

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❶It is often safe to assume that your audience has no pervious knowledge of the subject. The program can be completed in just 20 months and covers numerous topics critical for advancement in the communication industry, including crisis communication, social media engagement, focus group planning and implementation, survey design and survey analysis, public relations theory, professional writing, and communication ethics.

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Moving from undergraduate to master level writing
Undergraduate to master level writing summary

This handout will help you identify the expectations of graduate-level writing. History, University of Iowa This source provides a series of critical thinking questions to help you analyze a primary source based on its purpose, argument, presuppositions, epistemology, and relationship to other texts.

Primary and Secondary Sources Ithaca College Library This source begins by defining primary and secondary sources, and then discusses what types of sources are considered primary, secondary, and tertiary. It also includes a chart containing examples of primary and secondary sources. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources English Department, University of Maryland Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources are explained with definitions and examples. A comparison chart with examples of source types across various disciplines can help you conceptualize the differences in primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.

In other words, you will need to figure out what you're going to do with the source in your paper. As you consider what role each source will play in your paper, you should begin by thinking about the role that source played in your research process. What are Primary Sources?

Yale University Primary Sources at Yale divides primary sources into the following categories, with detailed explanations and tools for finding sources within each category: Harvard Guide to Using Sources, Harvard College Writing Program Identifying useful sources is an important part of the research process, but it is equally important to understand how to use these sources effectively in your paper.

This source details how to consider your sources in the context of your central research question, discipline, and scope of your paper. This section includes information on what primary research is, how to get started, ethics involved with primary research and different types of research you can do. It includes details about interviews, surveys, observations, and analysis. Sources of opinion, information, and concept are discussed as ways to support your claim.

Here is a list of these issues and a description of the measures you can take when completing your application to avoid them. Pannucci and Edwin G. It will produce an average grade level based on these scores. Text statistics, such as character and word counts, are calculated as well.

Graduate School Papers and You Tara Kuther, About Education Kuther explains the importance of recognizing short papers in graduate school as furthering scholarly exploration, creating opportunities for constructive feedback, improving writing skills, and preparing for a thesis or dissertation.

Writing Tips for Ph. Although he focuses mostly on business writing, much of his advice can be useful for all postgraduate writers. Example Prospectus University of Southern Mississippi, Honors College This site includes links to 10 prospectus examples from different disciplines. Overall, graduate level work should be clearer, more concise, and free of common novice errors. As the writer, you must state what you are trying to accomplish in the beginning of the paper so that your audience can read the rest of your paper through the lens of your original intentions.

This will help them to better understand your work and, therefore, increase its readability. There are several differences in style and format that exist between undergraduate and master level work. One of the major things to remember about writing graduate level work is that smooth transitions are vital.

It is important in ensuring your audience can accurately and clearly receive your message that your work flow easily and the different parts come together seamlessly. This will make your work clearer and easier to understand.

Another important stylistic aspect of a strong, master level paper must have strong introductions and conclusions. It should engage them in your work and make them eager to read further. A strong introduction will make the purpose of your paper clear and offer an idea of what the reader can expect later on. Conclusions must also be particularly strong in master level work. A well-written conclusion will reiterate the purpose of your paper, review the main points that it makes, and leave the reader with something that will make them remember your paper.

A strongly written introduction and conclusion are absolutely impertinent when it comes to quality graduate work. Something that will always reveal an undergraduate paper will be incorrectly used quotes. In graduate work, quotes should always be correctly used, formatted, and cited according to the appropriate style guide. In addition, undergraduate writers often let the quotes do the work for them without including any analysis or interpretation of the information between the quotation marks.

In graduate work, quotes are used to enrich the work instead of carrying it. When writing master level work, it is important to include your own thoughts and interpretations of the quotes you include, as well as an explanation of how it relates to the paper and why you included it. To kick up your writing from undergraduate to graduate level, it is a good idea to introduce the person you are quoting and their qualifications.

This helps establish credibility and explains why your reader should care what this person has to say on the subject of your work. Another major difference between undergraduate level work and graduate level work is that undergraduate work typically ends up being a simply review and rehashing of information found during research. Graduate work is supposed to be much more analytical and requires more personal reflection and consideration from the writer.

It is important to make your interpretations and analysis clear when presenting information gathered from outside sources rather than just listing cold facts and information.

As a writer, if you happen to agree with the research and information you are presenting in your work, it is still necessary to differentiate between the research and your own understanding. In the same vein, all potentially ambiguous or confusing terms should always be defined and explained in graduate level work.

It is often safe to assume that your audience has no pervious knowledge of the subject. This demonstrates your total understanding and grasp on the subject and helps to increase the readability and flow of your paper.

Master level writing is more complicated and elaborate than undergraduate writing and requires more dedication and analysis thang sun lower level work.


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For career-driven writers, EKU has a low-residency MFA in creative writing; this online master’s degree is known as The Bluegrass Writing Studio, requiring two residencies in either Kentucky or Lisbon, Portugal.

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Read about the 10 tips for Graduate Level Writing to produce your best work. Keep the following list of graduate level writing tips in mind when you write an academic paper. These simple rules may help you write a paper that is professional and easy to follow.

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At undergraduate level, evidence of genuine originality almost certainly ensures top marks. At Masters level, originality is more routinely expected. A key aspect to this – the most challenging element of academic work – is confidence in your intellectual acuity. Being a master of writing not only helps you do tasks quicker, it indeed can catapult your career! If you hate writing, it is time for you to learn from the ground up. If you are good at it, there are still a lot of ways to improve your writing efficiency.

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WRITING TERM PAPERS. Examples of Take-Home Essay Exams and Papers For Graduate-Level Educational Psychology Courses (Educational Psychology Interactive) This site contains a collection of take-home essay exams, page papers, and page papers that were written by graduate students. What is a Master’s? A Master’s is a much shorter course than a Bachelor’s (BA, BSc, LLB, BEng,) or a PhD. Most Master’s are etc. only a year or two long, and are undertaken either as.