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Examples List on Misrepresentation

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Essays on Misrepresentation

A party makes a statement which is not correct but the party making the statement does not know that it is wrong or it honestly believes that it is correct. A, while selling his watch, tells B that his watch is made in Switzerland. A honestly believes that the watch is made in Switzerland. B purchased the watch. However, it is found later on that the watch is made in India. A is guilty of misrepresentation. When a person makes a positive representation without any reasonable basis or ground, honestly believing it to be true though it is not true, he is making a misrepresentation.

A tell B that his scooter goes 40 km. A believes the statement to be true although he did not have sufficient grounds for the belief. A has made a misrepresentation. When a person commits a breach of duty which gives him an advantage by misleading another to his disadvantage, he is making a misrepresentation. A, while taking a life insurance policy, states his age as 23 years. He is 25 years old actually. Believing it to be true L. When a person induces another person, even innocently to make a mistake regarding the subject- matter of the agreement, he is making a misrepresentation.

A ship was chartered on the declaration that it was registered for not more than 2, tons. Actually, it was found later on that the ship was registered for 3, tons. The defendant refused to accept the ship on the ground of misrepresentation. It was held by the Court that the party was entitled to avoid the charter party on the ground of mis-statement as to tonnage. The representation or omission of duty must be made with a view to inducing the other party to enter into contract.

The representation must be wrong but the party making the representation should not know that it is wrong. In other words, the party making the representation should believe honestly that it is true. Aggrieved party may accept the contract but insist that he shall be placed in the position in which he would have been had the representation been true.

In other words, claim the difference. Where the aggrieved party had the means to discover the truth with ordinary diligence, the contract cannot be avoided. A, by misrepresentation, leads B erroneously to believe that tons of sugar is made annually at A's factory.

B examines the accounts of the factory, which show that only tons of sugars have been made. After this, B buys A's factory. The contract is not avoidable on account of As misrepresentation as he B could have ascertained the truth. Fraud is a misrepresentation made with an intention to deceive or cheat. Thus, the distinction between the two is that misrepresentation is made without any intention to cheat, while fraud is made with an intention to cheat.

Marx argued that private producers bought and sold commodities among themselves on individual initiative with no much co-ordination and the volume of production was only influenced by the market. People had no other relation to one another except for the trading. Their social relation was thus portrayed only through the transactions they made at the market place.

It therefore meant that ssocial relationships were mainly shown through the things like commodity and money. Relationship between things and people by far dominated the relationship between the individuals De Botton In the modern world, people are encouraged to be passionate about their work and to give their best while undertaking their career.

People are constantly judged by the kind of work they do and varying levels respect accorded to them depending on their standing in a given organization. Work therefore forms a vital portion of an individual social life and relations with other people, it forms the threshold of individual well-being. Jobs held by individuals in the modern world have significantly lost their meaning. This leads to lack of innovation and boredom, instigating reduced productivity and lower efficiency.

Organizational behavior being a very important aspect of management has to be monitored carefully for efficient human management. The various theories studied above give an insight into this matter and its impact on productivity of individuals.

Organizational culture also has an important bearing on this study, as in modern society, it plays a major role in modeling the growth of an organization.

Another aspect of the organizational behavior management is the organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

The effectiveness is the measure of the extent to which the actions of the organization are synchronized Sennet Conclusion Despite boosting the best management skills, superior strategy, and perfect execution of commands, an organization can still fail or have very little success.

The organization should thus view its employees as very important partners for it to realize efficiency and effectiveness. It is about allowing people to do what they know how to do best NIH Custom Misrepresentation Essay Writing Service Misrepresentation Essay samples, help Misrepresentation is a danger one constantly faces, that is, sending of a wrong message to a given audience.

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Misrepresentation Essays. A misrepresentation is a false statement of fact, inducing another to enter into a contract. Misrepresentation can take various forms, such as fraudulent or negligent, the latter falling under innocent misrepresentation and each carries with it particular rights to damages in court and different burdens of proof.

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The Misrepresentation of Hip-Hop Essay Words | 7 Pages Jay-Z is known for being one for not only being one of the best rappers in hip-hop but also having a successful career in and outside of hip-hop.

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Misrepresentation can be known as statements made on a contract Innocent misrepresentation occurs when someone makes a statement believing it to be true, when rather in fact, it is a false statement. It really happens in an innocent nature, no deliberate intentions inflicted. Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview The Misrepresentation of Pit Bulls in the Media - The misrepresentation of Pit Bull breeds in the media has been reflected in American culture.

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Misrepresentation essay - experience the benefits of professional writing help available here Proposals, essays & academic papers of top quality. Stop receiving bad marks with these custom research paper tips. The exclusion of liability for misrepresentation is subject to section 3 of the Misrepresentation Act and satisfaction of the reasonableness test under section 11(1) of the Unfair Contract Terms Act