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Kill A Mockingbird Book Report

Essay on To Kill A Mockingbird: essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement

❶Address whether Finch has any flaws, and explain how he conveys his beliefs to his children and his community.

Examples of good thesis statement for essay and research papers on To Kill A Mockingbird.

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Although Atticus dissuades his own children from doing this, even at the end of the book it is obvious Boo will continue to be labelled and misunderstood by the majority of the townspeople. Women and children are both targets of prejudice in the male-dominated population of Maycomb.

Any woman who is not respectably married with children and occupied with baking, sewing or gardening is considered strange and an outsider.

Miss Maudie and Mrs. Dubose are two such women who exist on the fringe of respectable society. Despite the absence of a mother, Jem and Scout have been raised to regard women as equals.

They are surprised to learn that women cannot serve on juries, yet accept Atticus reasoning that women need to be protected and that women would find it hard to reach a decision. Earlier in the novel, Jem criticises Scout for acting like a girl. The Ewell family should not be overlooked as being the victims of prejudice.

The Ewells, although white, are almost as despised as the Negroes. They live in poverty, removed from respectable society. They are targets of scorn and derision. Mayella, a girl ruled by an alcoholic and violent father, is offered help by a man who should be her inferior.

Tom Robinson is possibly the only man who has ever shown her any respect and, misreading this, she makes inappropriate overtures. When this is discovered her father forces her to turn the situation to their advantage by accusing Tom of rape. Guilt and Innocence Closely linked to these themes of prejudice are issues of guilt and innocence, for the same ignorance that creates racist beliefs underlies assumptions of guilt.

The most obvious instance is the case of Tom Robinson: Boo Radley, unknown by a community who has not seen or heard from him in fifteen years, is similarly presumed to be a monster by the court of public opinion. Scout underscores this point when she tells her Uncle Jack he has been unfair in assigning all the blame to her after her fight with Cousin Francis.

If he had stopped to learn both sides of the situation he might have judged her differently—which he eventually does. The novel's conclusion also reinforces the theme of guilt and innocence, as Atticus reads Scout a book about a boy falsely accused of vandalism.

Atticus, he was real nice. Lee seems to suggest that children have a natural instinct for tolerance and understanding; only as they grow older do they learn to react to differences with fear and disdain.

For example, Scout is confused when one of Dolphus Raymond's mixed-race children is pointed out to her. Gilmer, the prosecuting attorney, sneeringly cross-examines Tom Robinson. As Dolphus Raymond tells Scout, "Things haven't caught up with that one's instinct yet.

Let him get a little older and he won't get sick and cry. In an ironic commentary on the nature of knowledge, formal education—as Scout experiences it—fails to teach or even contradicts these important lessons.

Scout's first-grade teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, is more concerned with making her students follow a system than in teaching them as individuals. This is why she forbids Scout to continue reading with her father, whose "unqualified" instruction would "interfere" with her education.

Whatever the method, however, the most important factor in gaining knowledge is an individual's motivation. As Calpurnia tells Scout, people "got to want to learn themselves, and when they don't want to learn there's nothing you can do but keep your mouth shut or learn their language. All of the major players in the novel are called on to display their courage.

Even Mayella Ewell, who hides behind a lie to protect herself, shows a curious kind of courage in having the strength to face the public and the court and uphold her story. Atticus Finch, the lawyer at the centre of the story, is a man of great courage.

His courage does not waver throughout the book. Atticus is a widower with two young children, as well as a respected lawyer, yet has the courage to provide the children with a stable home life in a time where men are seen as providers and women as nurturers.

Atticus has a highly develop morality, with very strong convictions about wrong and right. He is prepared to stand up for what is right, regardless of the consequences. Atticus shows courage in numerous other events in the book. He has the strength of character to recognise that there is both good and evil in every person, and the ability to admire that good.

Dubose for her strength in fighting her morphine addiction even while disagreeing with her intolerant views. Prior to his arrest, Tom is willing to help Mayella with tasks such as chopping wood, because he sees that she is woman in need.

He is an intelligent man and aware that his help is taken for granted and could even be misconstrued. He has the courage to help her anyway, and this has disastrous consequences for him. For instance, Boo Radley is disliked by almost everyone, although people hardly knew him, Scout was mocked because she was a tomboy, Atticus Finch was threatened because he defended Tom. At this point you may compare and contrast different types of discrimination or highlight lessons that could be learned and applied to a particular type of discrimination.

You may also discuss if such problem is still relevant in modern society. Think who is a Mockingbird in the novel. Remember all the victims and compare them with a mockingbird providing quotes with evidence.

To kill a mockingbird would mean to kill innocence. As evidence, several characters who became victims of evil, were injured or destroyed. Being the children of Atticus Finch, they both faced the same experience, however, came up with completely different assumptions about what is good and what is evil.

You may analyze at which point they started to part ways and what had the biggest impact on their perception of human nature. One of the most prominent characters in American literature of the 20th century is Atticus Finch, a loving father and passionate lawer gifted with a strong sense of fairness and justice. You may also suggest how could he share his beliefs with the community and his own children in particular.

Scout and Jem assumed that people are good since they have never seen evil.

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee covers several themes including Courage, Cruelty, Honor, Hatred, Ignorance, Justice, Kindness, Prejudice, Tolerance and Maturation. You may choose one or a couple of characters as well as one of the main themes from the novel for your thesis statement.

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Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4 The Role of Place in To Kill a Mockingbird The town of Maycomb is described in great detail in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, so much so that the reader gets the sense that Maycomb is more than a setting; it takes on the weight and importance of a character.

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Thesis Statement Of To Kill A Mockingbird ’s Main Character. There are thesis statements on main characters of the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Jean Louise Finch (Scout):Scout is a 6-years-old girl and Atticus’s daughter and Jem’s sister. Scout is a bright and smart kid who loves studies. She is a perfect example of a tomboy. Get an answer for 'What is a good thesis statement about To Kill a Mockingbird with the theme of using reason and intelligence to solve problems?' and find homework help for other To Kill a.

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” summary Harper Lee’s “To kill a mockingbird” is dramatic novel of a social character which describes the injustice of the world. Compare and Contrast Difficulties in making a movie from a book essay A film presents just of those patterns, but it still does put a tag on the book. Go to [email protected] and search for thesis statement. This should help you get started. This should help you get started. 12/14/ | Vicki N.